FIGI Symposium brings together ICT Ministers and Government Officials, Telecom/ICT and Financial Regulators, Digital Financial Services Providers, Payment System Organizations, Financial Services Regulators, International Organizations, NGO’s and Think Tanks, World-renowned thought leaders and International mainstream and specialized media.


United Nations Secretary-General’s Special Advocate for Inclusive Finance for Development (UNSGSA)
Director, Telecommunication Standardization Bureau
Director, Telecommunication Development Bureau
Secretariat of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP)
World Bank Group
Global Director, Finance, Competitiveness and Innovation Global Practice
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Director, Financial Services for the Poor, Global Growth & Opportunity

FIGI partners

World Bank Group
Practice Manager, Finance, Competitiveness and Innovation Global Practice
Deputy Director, Telecommunication Standardization Bureau
Chief, Study Groups Department , Telecommunication Standardization Bureau
Bank for International Settlements
Member of Secretariat, Committee on Payments and Market Infrastructures (CPMI)
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Gender Lead, Financial Services for the Poor, Global Growth & Opportunity


CVS Health​
Co-rapporteur ITU-T SG17 Q10 | Senior Security Advisor
International Monetary Fund (IMF)
Deputy Director of Monetary and Capital Markets (MCM) Department
Central Bank of Brazil
Supervisor, Supervision Department
World Bank Group
Senior Financial Sector Specialist
Center for Financial Inclusion (CFI)
Senior Research Director
Visa Inc.
Policy & Measurement, Social Impact & Fellow, Visa Economic Empowerment Institute
CUTS International
Director (Research)
Senior Vice President, Data Strategy
National Banking and Securities Commission (CNBV)
Vice President of Regulatory Policy
Project Officer, Telecommunication Standardization Bureau
Head of Financial Inclusion and AgriTech, Mobile for Development
Head of Data & Analytics Products
Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP)
Acting Deputy Director,Payment System Oversight Department, Payments and Currency Management Sector
Better Than Cash Alliance
Head of Digital Payments Innovation Hub
European Commission
Team Leader, Retail Payments
Bangko Sentral ng Philipinas (BSP)
Director, Consumer Protection and Market Conduct Office (CPMCO)
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Senior Advisor, Supervisory and Regulatory Policy
CVS Health
Test Manager
Former Managing Director and CEO
National Bank of Georgia
Deputy Head, Specialized Risk Department
Chair, OSIA Initiative
Objectif Securite
IT Security Consultant
World Bank Group
Senior Financial Infrastructure Specialist
Channel Islands Financial Ombudsman and Former Canadian Ombudsman
Principal Ombudsman & Chief Executive
Alliance for Financial Inclusion (AFI)
Head of Policy Programs and Regional Initiatives
International Monetary Fund (IMF)
Senior Financial Sector Expert, Monetary and Capital Markets
Bank of Canada
Deputy Managing Director
MTN Uganda
Senior Manager IT Client Relations & Delivery
Uganda Communications Commission (UCC)
Senior Officer, Telecoms Compliance
European Central Bank
Deputy Director General, DG Market Infrastructures & Payments
Financial Conduct Authority, United Kingdom
Head of Regtech & Advanced Analytics
World Bank Group
Senior Financial Specialist
Sveriges Riksbank
Head of Analysis and Policy, Payments Department
Business Development Consultant
South African Reserve Bank
Divisional Head, Cyber and Information Security
World Bank Group
Senior Financial Sector Specialist
Policy Lead
Lead, Policy
Bank Al-Maghrib
Director of Payment Systems and Instruments Oversight and Financial Inclusion Directorate
The World Bank
Lead Financial Sector Specialist, Payments and Market Infrastructures – Finance, Competitiveness and Innovation Global Practice
Bank of Canada
Chief Information Security Officer
The World Bank
Senior Financial Sector Specialist
The Global Alliance for Legal Aid
Executive Director
World Bank
Financial Sector Consultant, Competitiveness & Innovation Global Practice
World Bank Group
Senior Financial Sector Specialist
The World Bank
Senior Financial Sector Specialist
FIDO Alliance
Managing Director, Technology Business Strategy, Venable & Advisor
Managing Director
Cignifi Inc.
Mastercard, Latin America
Senior Vice President of Cyber and Intelligence Solutions
Bank Al-Maghrib
Head of Payment Development & Fintech
Comisión Nacional Bancaria y de Valores (CNBV), Mexico
Center for Financial Inclusion
Senior Research Director, Women's Financial Inclusion
Government Technology Agency of Singapore (GovTech)
Director, National Digital Identity
University of Florida
ITU-T Study Group 12 / Ministry of Communications (MoC), Ghana
BBVA Microfinance Foundation (FMBBVA)
Head of Women's Economic Empowerment
Bank of Albania (BoA)
Director of Payments, Accounting and Finance Department
Director, Statistics Department,
BBC News
BBC 'Click' Presenter and AI Music Artist
Shanghai FOS
Deputy Director
Fintech & Suptech Consultant
Bank of Italy
Managing Director
Bank for International Settlements (BIS)
Former Special Advisor, Financial Infrastructures
The World Bank
Senior Financial Sector Specialist
The World Bank
Lead Financial Sector Economist
World Bank Group
Managing Director of Policy and Partnerships
Banco de Portugal, Chair of FinCoNet
Head of Banking Conduct Supervision Department
The World Bank
Senior Payment Systems Specialist
International Monetary Fund (IMF)
Assistant Director and Head of the Financial Supervision and Regulation Division
Bangladesh Financial Intelligence Unit
Joint Director
Central Bank of Egypt
First Sub-Governor, Technical Office of the Governor
Director Payment Systems & Infrastructure
Central Bank of Jordan
Head of Digital Financial Services
Chief Business Officer
Banking Ombudsman Scheme (BOS), New Zealand
CEO & Banking Ombudsman
Bank of Canada
Director, Financial Stability Department
The World Bank
Senior Financial Sector Specialist
Reserve Bank of India (RBI)
Chief General Manager
World Bank Group
Country Director of Mexico
South African Reserve Bank
Senior Analyst in the Policy and Regulation Division
Chinese Academy of Financial Inclusion (CAFI)
Research Fellow
Objectif Securite SA
Founder and Director
Central Registry of Securitization Asset Reconstruction and Security Interest of India (CERSAI)
Executive Director
Bangko Sentral ng Philipinas
Senior Director, Payment System Oversight Department (PSOD)
Security Alliance
Head of Intelligence
Senior Commercial Manager , Financial Crime Compliance Initiatives
International Telecommunication Union (ITU)
Program Officer, Regional Office Brasilia
Nederlandsche Bank
Head of Cyber Unit
Macmillan Keck Attorneys & Solicitors
Kashf Foundation
Founder & Managing Director
People’s Bank of China (PBoC)
Section Chief of Financial Consumer Protection Bureau
Marketing Director
Financial Action Task Force (FATF)
Policy Analyst, Secretariat
World Bank Group
Senior Financial Sector Specialist
Adaptive Mobile Security
Chief Strategy Officer
Head, Regulatory and Market Environment, Telecommunication Development Bureau
Federal Institute of Telecommunications (IFT), Mexico
State Bank of Pakistan
Director, Payment Systems Department
Bank of International Settlement (BIS)
Deputy Head of Secretariat, CPMI
Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS)
Executive Director
Senior Economist & Head, ICT Data and Analytics Division, Telecommunication Development Bureau
UNFPA & Chair, W20 (2020)
Former Executive Director
IAMTN Network
Founder & CEO
Bank of England
Executive Director, Banking, Payments & Innovation
Programme Coordinator, Telecommunication Standardization Bureau
People's Bank of China (PBoC)
Director, Payment & Settlement Department
National Bank of Rwanda
Head of Statistics
Focus Infocom, GmbH
Managing Director
World Bank Group
Practice Manager, Finance, Competitiveness and Innovation, Latin America and the Caribbean Region