• Mexico experience
  • Policy for electronic payments, alternative lending, and open banking

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10 June, 2021

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This session will dive deep into two Fintech-related policy areas – digital payments, and open banking - to understand emerging trends and policy considerations for authorities to take a deliberate, proactive, and coordinated approach. Financial regulatory authorities are trying to balance enabling the entrance and scaling of Fintech companies while also developing new approaches and regulation for activities that may not yet exist within the scope of their current regulatory environment. However, significant challenges of fintech risk monitoring and management remains, particularly in areas related to reserve fund management, information security, anti-money laundering, disclosure and transparency. Fintech business models evolve at a fast pace, making it harder for financial regulators and supervisors to anticipate gaps and inefficiencies.  

Deep dive on policy approaches for digital payments, and open banking

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Digital financial inclusion in Mexico: experiences and key learnings

Juan Pablo Graf Noriega

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