• Regulation and payment intermediaries
  • Regulation and e-KYC

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8 June, 2021

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Electronic Payment Acceptance (EPA) intermediaries, such as payment facilitators, bill aggregators, and payment gateways, can improve micro and small merchants inclusion. At the same time, intermediaries create new types of risks to the national payment system. This session will explore different intermediaries and their activities, their unique risks, and different policy approaches to mitigate those risks. Enabling regulation can balance innovation in electronic payment acceptance and better inclusion of small and micro merchants while mitigating respective risks

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Lack of identification or reliable and independent proof of identity of individuals makes it difficult for FSPs to open accounts. This session will present different approaches to e-KYC regulation including the FATF Guidance on Digital ID published in 2020 and temporary measures adopted to address COVID-19 related needs.

Regulating intermediaries

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